Advanced 500hr Teacher Training
to Aug 13

Advanced 500hr Teacher Training

Join Jared McCann for his first JMY Advanced Teacher Training program. The training is a 500-HR Yoga Alliance certified training, and will be offered to individuals who have completed any 200-hr training. Our Advanced Teacher Training includes two 10 day intensive modules at Lighthouse Yoga School in Brooklyn, New York. There is a 10 day break between modules, where each student is required to do a daily 90 minute  sadhana, or spiritual practice, and take class twice a day at Lighthouse Yoga School. However students are permitted to go home during the break to attend to personal matters if necessary, as long as they continue with their daily sadhana practice.

Jared's 500-HR Teacher Training is designed to build upon the 200-HR training and give students access to the higher teachings of yoga.  Students will learn two classes to teach, one will be an advanced JMY Vinyasa class and the other will be a Hatha class where postures are held longer and more subtle instructions will be presented to students.  Advanced postures will be practiced and taught.  Also, trainees will learn in-depth knowledge of Marma points, and Bandhas beyond the classic Uddiyana, Mula, and Jalandhara.  There will be a daily Kriya, Mantra, and Pranayama practice required during the month long intensive, as well as a similar practice to be completed after the training ends.  We will begin to introduce the kriyas of Babaji as taught by the Bihar Yoga School.  Trainees will also be taught more extensive Mantras, mainly taken from the Rig Veda and from Amma. We will have 2 Pujas, or fire ceremonies, to purify the mind and awaken the divine within.  Jared will teach a handful of psychic development exercises to keep Sushumna Nadi open, and to maintain balance throughout the 13 main chakras along the spine and above the crown.  Students are required to have had a steady practice of asana and pranayama for at least 3 years to apply for this training.  This is mandatory unless students have done similar spiritual work from a different lineage.

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Weekend Immersion with Jared McCann @ Bikram Yoga East Austin - Austin, Texas
to Nov 6

Weekend Immersion with Jared McCann @ Bikram Yoga East Austin - Austin, Texas

Join Jared at Bikram Yoga East Austin in Austin, Texas for a weekend immersion of workshops and classes. 

Classes: $30 / Workshops: $45 /All 3 Days: $150

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Friday 11.4.16: 5PM - 7PM Hatha Yoga Class

Saturday 11.5.16: 9AM - 11AM Vinyasa & Kriya Class

                             12PM - 2PM  Workshop: Backbends + Twists

Sunday 11.6.16:   9AM - 11AM Vinyasa & Kriya Class

                             12PM - 2PM  Workshop: Hips + Inversions

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