Lighthouse Yoga School Work Study Program

Terms and Conditions

Thank you for joining the work study program at Lighthouse Yoga School!  We are thrilled to have you a part of our team and appreciate your commitment to yoga and building our wonderful community!  Below are the terms and conditions of the program.  Please read it carefully and check the box below to accept your work study position at Lighthouse Yoga School!

Below is an agreement between yourself and the studio regarding your participation in the workstudy program:

Lighthouse Yoga School requires a minimum 2 month commitment once you accept the work study position.  If you plan on leaving the workstudy program at any point after your 2nd month, please notify the workstudy manager within a minimum of 2-3 weeks in advance in order to allow time to find and train a replacement.

As a member of our work study program, your responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Checking students into class
  • Mat rentals and other purchases
  • Wiping mats
  • Keeping the studio clean (i.e. floors, bathrooms, etc)

If you cannot make your shift, you must either find a replacement or contact the work study manager as soon as possible; all shift changes MUST be approved.  No shifts are allowed to be switched without contacting the work study manager.  Both parties involved in the switch must contact the manager to verify the change.  If you miss your scheduled shift, you must make that shift up before your month is up.  Until that shift is made up, you will pay a regular drop-in rate.  If shifts are continuously missed or there is no communication to the work study manager about why you are unable to make your shift (e.g. a no-show), your work study membership will be cancelled immediately.

Shifts begin 30 minutes before class and will resume directly following class.  Shifts will end 1 hour after class, or when all tasks and responsibilities are completed.  If you are running late (15 minutes or more), please contact your work study manager.  If you do not, you will not receive credit for your shift, and your class credits for the week will be cancelled.  When you arrive for your shift, please notify the teacher so that you receive your workstudy credit.

Work study members are asked to practice the class during their shift, and will be given credit for one additional class through each week.  If you are not practicing at least 2 times a week your workstudy account will be frozen.  Special circumstances with proper notification will be taken into consideration (i.e. traveling, school, etc).

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