Lighthouse Yoga School Work Study Program

Thank you for your interest in the work study program!  We appreciate your immediate support in building the amazing community at Lighthouse Yoga School.

Here's how it works!  We are looking for people to be available 30 minutes before class and end an hour after class, or whenever the tasks are completed.  We are asking you commit to these shifts for a minimum of 2 months from the start date.  You are expected to practice the classes during your shifts, and then you will be able to practice two more classes that week for free!

About the Work Study Program

As a member of the workstudy program, you will be helping us keep the studio up and running... and clean!  Your responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

• Checking students into class

• Mat rentals; Beverage purchases 

• Laundry and folding towels

• Wiping Mats

• Keeping the studio clean (i.e. Floors, bathroom, etc.)

Personal Information
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Please check off all the days you are available during these times:
Monday through Friday
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Saturday & Sunday
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Once submitting your application, you will be contacted with available shifts, along with a work study agreement. Thanks again for your commitment and support of Lighthouse Yoga School!