London: Indaba Yoga
to Oct 21

London: Indaba Yoga

SatDate: 20/10/2018From: 13:30  - 16:00 BACKBENDING YOUR ENTIRE SPINE  with Jared McCann

SatDate: 20/10/2018From: 17:00  - 19:30 HATHA 84  with Jared McCann

SunDate: 21/10/2018From: 13:30  - 16:00 INVERSIONS & ARM BALANCES  with Jared McCann


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Bologna, Italy: Hot Yoga Bologna
to Oct 14

Bologna, Italy: Hot Yoga Bologna

Join Jared for a weekend of workshops in Bologna, Italy at Hot Yoga Bologna!
All masterclasses are workshops are open level, and beginners are welcome.


Sat AM: Inversions and Arm Balances WORKSHOP
Sat PM: Backbending + Pranayama WORKSHOP

Sun PM: Grounding with Standing Poses, Hips + Mantra WORKSHOP

Sign up through Hot Yoga Bologna.

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Athens GA: Fuel Hot Yoga
to Sep 23

Athens GA: Fuel Hot Yoga

Join Jared for a weekend of workshops and classes in Athens GA!

Fri 5:30-7:30PM: Backbending Your Entire Spine

Sat 10AM-12pm: Intro Vinyasa
Sat 1-3PM: The Art of Bow Posture Clinic
Sat 4:30-6PM: Be Your Best Teacher Talk

Sun 8:30-10AM: Pranayama & Mantra
Sun 10:30-11:30AM: Fuel 60
Sun 12-2PM: Intermediate Hatha

Sign up through Fuel Hot Yoga.

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to Sep 3


  • Google Calendar ICS


$599 early bird by Aug 1st

$699 full price

*(Participants are required to attend the entire immersion)

Join Jared McCann, Aviad Sasi and Henry Winslow for a 4-day 30hr yoga intensive at Lighthouse Yoga School. This immersion is primarily geared toward practitioners looking too deepen their knowledge and for rapid improvement in their practice in a short amount of time. 

Participants will be immersed in daily sadhana, JMY classes, posture clinics, and yoga philosophy. 

Posture clinics will each cover 9 postures: 3 foundational, 3 intermediate, 3 Advanced.

The morning JMY class will be open to the public. All other activities will be exclusive to Intensive participants.


Fri, Aug 31 - Mon, Sep 3 (Labor Day weekend)
9:00am - 6:00pm every day



9:00 - 10:00 Sadhana (TM and mantra)
10:00 - 10:30 Checkin
10:30 - 12:30 JM Vinyasa


1:00 - 3:00 Backbending
3:00 - 4:30 Twists Clinic
4:30 - 5:30 Closing Sadhana


1:00 - 2:00 Half Backbending
2:00 - 4:00 Inversions Clinic
4:00 - 5:30 Philosophy: Yamas + Niyamas (?) -- Chauncie to teach
5:30 - 6:00 Closing Sadhana


1:00 - 3:00 Backbending
3:00 - 4:30 Forward Folds Clinic
4:30 - 5:30 108 Gayatri Mantras
5:30 - 6:00 Closing Sadhana (w/ Eye Gazing?)


1:00 - 2:00 Half Backbending
2:00 - 4:00 Hips + Arm Balance Clinic
4:00 - 5:30 Surya Namaskar Class
5:30 - 6:00 Closing Sadhana and Farewell


Early Registration (Before Aug 1st, 2018): $599

Cost: $699

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to Jul 31


Jared McCann Yoga RYT 500hr Advanced Teacher Training 

Dates: July 9th - July 31st, 2018

  • Module 1: July 9th - 16th, 2018

  • Break: July 17th - 23rd, 2018

  • Module 2: July 24th - July 31st, 2018


 Brooklyn, NY - Lighthouse Yoga School 



Join Jared McCann for his second JMY Advanced Teacher Training program. The training is a 500-HR Yoga Alliance certified training, and will be offered to individuals who have completed any 200-hr training. Our Advanced Teacher Training includes two 8 day intensive modules at Lighthouse Yoga School in Brooklyn, New York. There is a 7 day break between modules, where each student is required to do a daily 90 minute  sadhana, or spiritual practice, and take class twice a day at Lighthouse Yoga School. However students are permitted to go home during the break to attend to personal matters if necessary, as long as they continue with their daily sadhana practice.

Jared's 500-HR Teacher Training is designed to build upon the 200-HR training and give students access to the higher teachings of yoga.  Students will expand their teaching knowelege and will be given the tools to guide students into the deeper more subtle practices of yoga, advanced postures will also be practiced and taught.  Trainees will learn in-depth knowledge of Marma points, and Bandhas beyond the classic Uddiyana, Mula, and Jalandhara.  There will be a daily Kriya, Mantra, and Pranayama practice required during the month long intensive, as well as a similar practice to be completed after the training ends.  We will begin to introduce the kriyas of Babaji as taught by the Bihar Yoga School.  Trainees will also be taught more extensive Mantras, mainly taken from the Rig Veda and from Amma. We will have a Puja, or fire ceremony, to purify the mind and awaken the divine within.  Jared will teach a handful of psychic development exercises to keep Sushumna Nadi open, and to maintain balance throughout the 13 main chakras along the spine and above the crown.  Students are required to have had a steady practice of asana and pranayama for at least 3 years to apply for this training.  This is mandatory unless students have done similar spiritual work from a different lineage.

Each Trainee is required to adhere to self-practice guidelines and commit to daily practice during a 3 month period, as well as, adhere to strict dietary guidelines during a 3 month period.

Participants who attend all dates and successfully meet minimum program requirements will receive a certificate of completion to be able to register with Yoga Alliance at the RYT-500 Level, if you have a previous 200hr certification.  If you do not have a 200hr certification you will receive a 300hr YA designation. Please note that the price below reflects tuition costs only; travel expenses and accommodations are not included.


Cost: $5,555


Sign up early and SAVE!

Apply by April 1st: $5,230


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INDIA RETREAT w Jared, Tony, Hargobind and Siri Om
to Mar 25

INDIA RETREAT w Jared, Tony, Hargobind and Siri Om

Pricing: PricingDouble Occupancy Rooms – $2,999 Please note prices go up to $3499 after December 1st. Prices are per person and do not include flights to and from India. You will also need to purchase your flight from Dehradun to Amritsar and Dharamsala to Delhi.

Refund policy: Refunds before january 1, will be done minus 1,000 as we have to reserve rooms in advance.

After January 1st no refunds will be given. To register please email or call (703) 409 9446

AccomodationYour purchase includes 5 nights stay at the Dewa Hotel in Rishikesh. 2 nights stay in Amritsar. 3 nights stay at the Fortune Park in Dharamsala. 2 nights stay in New Delhi and 1 night stay in Agra. The trip is 13 nights and 14 days.Dinner on arrival and vegetarian Breakfast and Dinner is included each day thereafter.Transport in India by bus and train is included though you will need to purchase 2 plane tickets, from Dehradun to Amritsar and from Dharamsala to New Delhi.


Things you need:

  1. Passport
  2. Indian Visa

Please plan to arrive into Dehradun Airport DED on Monday March 12th. We will arrange for your pick up and take you to Rishikesh.

We will stay in Rishikesh 5 nights. You will need to purchase flight from Rishikesh to Amritsar. Please check in with us prior to purchasing this flight.

We will then travel by bus from Amritsar to Dharamsala.
You will then purchase a flight from Dharamsala to Delhi. We will then travel by train from Delhi to Agra to see the Taj Mahal.

Please fly into Dehradun, India. We will arrange your pick up.

To register please email or call (703) 409 9446

Join us for 13 nights as we travel to the spiritual heart of India. We will explore yoga practices, religious traditions, martial arts, kirtan, history, food and culture of North India. Classes will be taught by Jared, Siri Om, Tony & Hargobind along with various masters we encounter on the way We will start in Rishikesh, a beacon of yoga in the north. We will then fly to Amritsar to visit the Golden Temple and visit where Hargobind went to high school, Miri Piri Academy. From there we will travel north to the home of the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala. We will then head to Delhi and on to the Taj Mahal in Agra.

Be ready for the journey of a lifetime as we explore Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist communities. You will leave india with the spiritual cup full and a lifetime of stories to tell.


Retreat Schedule (subject to change)

Day 1– Arrive Dehradun and get picked up – Go to Rainforest hotel in rishikesh – have class in the evening,– Dinner

Day 2– Yoga– Breakfast– Your of Rishikesh or recover from jetlag– Do arti at Parmarth ashram– Dinner– Evening class with local sadhus

Day 3 – Spend the day on the Ganges

Day 4– Breakfast– Do class with at the ashram– Go to orphanage and teach a class for the kids, have a meal there. Learn about their seva.– Special class with Gurmukh– Dinner

Day 5– Breakfast – Yoga– Fly to Amritsar– Go to hotel.– Dinner

Day 6 – Breakfast– Yoga– Go to Golden Temple– Do seva / Eat at langar hall– Music, Mantra and Gurbani class with Ustad at hotel– Go to MPA, Hargobind’s old high school and teach a class– Dinner

Day 7– Early morning parkarma seva at Golden Temple– Breakfast – Gatka class– Take the bus to Dharamsala– Check in to hotel 

Day 8 – Yoga– Dharamsala city tour – Meditation class with local monks (if Dalai Lama is in town we might be able to take his open public class)

Day 9– Breakfast– Do class– Himalayan Hiking– Dinner

Day 10– Yoga– Tibetan Chanting Class with local monks– Yoga

Day 11– Yoga– Fly to Delhi – Check in to hotel

Day 12-Yoga-Breakfast-Delhi Tour, Red Fort, India Gate

Day 13– Yoga– Shopping– Evening train to Agra– Check in to hotel in Agra

Day 14– Morning class– Take tour of Taj Mahal– Take evening train back to Delhi

Day 15– Yoga Class– Breakfast– Depart Delhi

About the retreat leaders

Siri Om Khalsa
Siri Om was born into a family of yoginis and her teaching style is expressive of the depth of her knowledge and lifelong experience in the principles and practices of yoga. She studied with Bikram Choudhury extensively since 1995 in Los Angeles at the Yoga College of India and is photo featured several times in “Bikram’s Beginning Yoga Class” instructional book. She practices daily and has consistently taught Bikram Yoga since 2002, worldwide! She is also qualified to teach the advanced series of Bikram Yoga. “My deepest wish is to serve people through teaching yoga; to help relieve others of some of their pain and suffering; to bring a healthy glow to their faces; to bring strength and flexibility to their bodies and minds; to help others connect to their joyful essence through the magical beauty of Bikram Yoga.”

Hargobind Khalsa
Hargobind Khalsa was born in an ashram and grew up in India. After breaking a vertebrae in his back, he began practicing yoga with regularity. He completed Kundalini yoga training in India in 2000 and again in the USA in 2001. He completed Sterling Hot Yoga training in 2014 and Jared McCann’s Vinyasa training in 2015. He has done additional training in yin, satnam rasayan, and yoga with weights. He is the co founder of Pure Om Hot Yoga, Casa Om and the One Fire Hot Yoga Festival.

Jared McCann
Jared McCann is an international yoga teacher and holds an advanced E-RYT 500 designation. He is the two time national and 2013 world asana champion. Jared has studied yoga extensively with Dharma Mittra, Anna Forrest, and Mary Jarvis. He has decades of practice in Ashtanga, Bikram, Dharma, Forrest, and Iyengar yoga combining all disciplines together in his vinyasa series. He continually studies new and old traditions and implements them to both his practice and teachings.

Tony Lupinacci
Tony is the Executive Director of Lighthouse Yoga School. He is the general manager and runs the school’s operations and business development department. He has had over a decade of business development experience in beauty and fashion, managing and directing teams for some of the most recognized luxury brands in the world. Tony is a successful entrepreneur and has been managing Jared McCann Yoga since its inception. He is proud to lead the team at Lighthouse.Tony has had over 400 hours of teacher training and has spent nearly a decade studying with Jared. He is passionate about teaching the family of students and teachers at Lighthouse. His classes are fun, dynamic, and uplifting.

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Jared + Tony in Austin, TX
to Mar 2

Jared + Tony in Austin, TX

  • bikram yoga east austin (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Join Jared and Tony in Austin TX! Thursday March 1 Jared will be teaching GRACE IN ACTION, a 3 hour extended class and workshop with built in mantra, kriya and pranayama. Friday March 2nd, Tony will teach a 90 minute classic JM Vinyasa Class. 

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Yoga Games - Stockholm Sweden
to Feb 11

Yoga Games - Stockholm Sweden

Join Jared at Sweden's premier yoga festival THE YOGA GAMES in Stockholm.

Jared will be teaching:

  • 3h WS Backbending and Pranayama
  • JM Vinyasa 
  • Sun Salutations
  • Hips and Forward Folds
  • Kriya Yoga


Discount Code: Jared

It gives 30EURO/300SEK in discount when booking Saturday and Sunday.

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JMY 200hr Teacher Training
to Jan 14

JMY 200hr Teacher Training

  • Lighthouse Yoga School (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Our two-week intensive teacher training will immerse participants on a journey to understand their spiritual path.  Students will learn Jared McCann Yoga Vinyasa sequences, pranayama, kriya yoga, various meditation techniques, as well as anatomy and chakra systems.

There will be a combination of lectures, classes, posture clinics, and interactive discussions included in this training. This curriculum will include pranayama, meditation, asana, anatomy, yoga history and philosophy.  Trainees will learn various teaching methods and techniques, alignment specific cues, adjustments, sequencing, and how to effectively modify poses for different body types.  Each day will include morning and evening meditation and kriya, as well as Jared McCann Yoga asana classes.  All participants of this training will be given access to Jared’s master posture list.  

Trainees who attend all dates and successfully meet minimum program requirements will receive a certificate of completion and the ability to register with the Yoga Alliance at the RYT-200 Level.


Early Registration (Before Oct1 2017): $3,320

Cost: $3,520

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Love and All is Coming Gathering
6:00 PM18:00

Love and All is Coming Gathering

Click link to sign up!


Donation Based Event.

Sat 12.16.17 6-8pm

$20 suggested Donation

Rose Erin Vaughan - Meridians Lecture

Talia Sutra - Asana

Jared McCann - Mantra, Kriya, Pranayama

Katie Down - Sound Bath

Join Talia Sutra, Jared McCann, Rose Erin Vaughan, and Katie Down for the FIRST EVER New York City LOVE AND ALL IS COMING Angel gathering at Lighthouse Yoga School. This is a special event in which we will discuss yoga, awareness, healing and community as well as enjoy treats from Bhairava Tea and Fine and Raw Chocolate. 

The money raised from this event will go towards building future community events!


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10:30 AM10:30


10:30 - 12:30: 26 + 2 MASTER CLASS 


26+2 Master Class

In this two hour master class we will practice and explore the classic 26+2 Hatha Yoga postures in more detail. With Jared's specific breath and alignment cues you will learn to take your practice to the next level and access new parts of your body.

BOW/Backbending WORKSHOP

Join Jared for this two hour workshop focusing on the Hatha Yoga Bow poses! In this class we will cover the details of standing bow, full standing bow, floor bow and full bow. We will also breakdown the commonly misunderstood half-moon backbend and discuss how it correlates to the bow poses. Deepen your practice, expand your knowledge and be with your awareness. 

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Origional Hot Yoga Center - New Jersey
10:00 AM10:00

Origional Hot Yoga Center - New Jersey



JM Vinyasa

This is Jared’s signature open level vinyasa class. Jared McCann Vinyasa classes aim to break attachments, create energy, vitality, and purify both mind and body. Breathing becomes a meditation and is utilized to create space from the inside out.  Jared’s class blends many styles of yoga including Ashtanga, Bikram, Iyengar, Forrest, and Dharma yoga. JM Vinyasa bridges gaps in yoga traditions, and creates a practice that is modern, accessible, and allows practitioners to learn from all styles. Every class includes standing postures, hip openers, backbends, forward bends, twists, and inversions. Classes can also include mantra, pranayama, kriya or meditation. All levels are welcome.

Workshop: Hips and Forward Folds

This workshop will explain Mula Bandha, Swadisthana Bandha, and Uddiyana Bandha which are energy locks in the pelvis and lower abdomen.  Understanding these techniques help to release hamstrings, lower back, and hips - bringing ease into forward folding postures.  We will also bring attention to the feet and variations of Pada Bandha (foot lock), and Janu Bandha (knee lock) which creates ease and stability in forward folds.The workshop will begin with a vinyasa sequence covering standing poses and then transition into different forward bending and hip opening asanas. All levels welcome.

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5:30 PM17:30


This 2 hour workshop focuses on backbending techniques designed to heal, open, and strengthen your entire spine.


The workshop begins with a strong vinyasa sequence that includes abdominal exercises, standing postures, and inversions. After the warm up, we will flow into classical backbending postures with an interactive lecture focusing on alignment and technique. Jared will focus on explaining bandhas (energy locks) in the pelvis and abdomen to enhance stability and awareness.  We will also discuss the function of hips, shoulders, abdominals, and limbs in creating a strong and supported backbending practice.  The workshop ends with exercises that unwind the spine, savasana, and meditation.


This class is designed for all levels. Beginners are welcome!


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Inversion + Arm Balance Workshop
2:00 PM14:00

Inversion + Arm Balance Workshop

Inversions have numerous benefits for emotional, physical, and mental health. They recirculate blood, lymph, and spinal fluids in the body, while bringing strength and awareness to the arms and shoulders. Practicing inversions brings peace of mind through enhanced balance and focus and many yogis consider them to be the fountain of youth. They also develop mental clarity for sharpness through increased blood circulation and oxygen to the brain. The workshop will begin with a vinyasa style flow class to warm up the body and transition into learning correct hand, arm, and shoulder placement to create a strong foundation for a safe inversion practice. Learn proper technique and neck safety to practice shoulder stand, headstand, forearm stand, and handstand and overcome the fear of being upside down. This workshop is great for all levels of yoga practitioner.


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